Mummy Cheah left us suddenly on 12th July 2007



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MY FRIEND JEANNIE...eulogy by Teh Yoke Hooi

I’ve known Jeannie for a rather long time, having spent many, many memorable holidays together, countless meals, and happy times. We watched our children grow from the terror toddlers that they were, through their awkward teenage years, to the young adults that they are today.

I thought that having known her for so long would give me plenty to say of her, but as I sat down last night to write, I was at a complete loss for words to describe Jeannie. She was so many things to me, and yet I could not find the words to pin down this woman.

How do I do justice to this woman and describe her in a few minutes all that Jeannie was – she could be so hilariously funny, remember her seemingly endless supply of naughty and off color jokes? And her often outrageous comments – about situations, and people, and about our husbands, and kids and ourselves? Jeannie was gregarious and she was warm. She was understanding, she was deep, she was spiritual, she was compassionate.

She was certainly opinionated and not shy about it. Jeannie was one who lived her life without convention, without regret. She did not let fears hold her back, nor did she hesitate to live as she wished…… She lived her life always being true to herself, whatever it took…..

If Keat is a Tiger, Jeannie is without doubt the Tigress. She loved fiercely and passionately and would always be prepared to be up in arms to fight for her loved ones. How many times have we heard stories of how Jeannie would terrorize thoughtless people and authorities whom had dared to threaten and hurt her precious cubs, Krystyn and JJ, and even her friends???

And we all remember how Jeannie loved a good party, don’t we? Well we are all here for you Jeannie. I can just imagine you beaming down on us now, with a Virginia Slim in one hand and a coke in the other, basking in all the attention!

I expected Jeannie to grow old with me and the rest of our friends. She always talked about how we’ll spend our time living it up without kids in tow, about how we’ll grumble and complain about our daughters in law, and how we’ll compare medications.

Well, I won’t be comparing medications with you Jeannie, because you have gone on to where physical pains and ills will no longer plague you. I am happy and glad that your spirit is finally free to roam and soar as the bird that you are…..

I want to remember you, Jeannie for all the laughter that you gave me. For all the noisy boisterous times we spent, for the quiet talks we had, for the perspectives that you put on everyday situations and in our deepest emotions. I want to remember you for your wisdom, for your irrepressible spirit and your zest for life.

And I want to remember how you dedicated your entire life to Keat, and to your children, Krystyn and JJ, your greatest achievement and legacy.

Jeannie, I will miss you….We all will..


Teh Yoke Hooi (15th July, 2007)






































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